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At Excavation Nation, hydrovac excavation is our business. We have versatile equipment for any excavation application. We are hydrovac excavation specialists!

How it works:

Hydrovac Excavation is the process of using highly pressurized water to loosen soil, rocks, clay, gravel and other earthen material. The debris which is loosened and dislodged is then concurrently pulled out using a vacuum for later disposal while the hydrovac excavation process continues. Below are some notable advantages of hydrovac excavation.


  • More productive and safe than conventional methods.
  • Avoid costly delays related to damaging buried infrastructure. Allows to easily dig around buried cables, pipes, and wires.
  • Hydrovac excavation requires less manpower for the same quantity of work.
  • Can excavate frozen ground down to -40°F.
  • Effective with dry soil, wet soil or clay, muddy soil, gravel, crushed rock, sandy soil, and any other earthen materials that conventional digging methods are used for regardless of weight or toughness.
  • Uses simple water pressure coupled with a vacuum creating efficient excavation.
  • Can dig deep thin trenches over 50' with ease. Allows minimal removal of soil around digging spot.

Conventional excavation methods can be much more costly because there can be damage to underground utilities such as piping, cabling, telecommunications installations, plumbing, and others. This creates large liabilities for the company who is providing these services and liabilities for the company who has hired these services. In catastrophic cases this could cause damage to surrounding businesses, residences, and other infrastructure which can multiply the liabilities exponentially. The economic costs become much larger than necessary and in many cases can be crippling to businesses involve easily costing thousands of dollars in a single incident. The solution is hydrovac excavation which has proven to have a solid record with respect to safety and damage prevention.

We Are excavation Nation - Your HydroVac excavation specialists


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